K I T E S   F O R   E V E R Y O N E

Kites For Everyone
Third Edition, Revised

With over 20,000 copies sold, this 1984 classic for beginning and experienced kitemakers is the final revised and expanded edition. Easy step-by-step instructions for how to make 39 paper, plastic and fabric kites.

Tips on how to conduct kitemaking classes for all ages. Everything you need to know about materials, work site arrangement, flying, safety, history and science.

The fabric kite instructions are logically sequenced and, step-by-step, will lead the kitemaker to successful kites.

Author: Margaret Greger
Diagrams: Del Greger
Photos: Greg Greger
Book Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Pages: 128 pages complete with index
ISBN Number: 0-9613680-1-2
Softbound with numerous illustrations

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Classroom Kites: Wind Scale, Flying, Bridles, Lines, Knots, Reels, Fabric Kites, Kite Directory

Vietnamese Kites
Vietnamese Kite, Vietnamese Bag Kite
Snake Kites
Siamese Snake Kite, Bag Snake Kite, Plastic Snake Kite, Fabric Snake Kite

Paper Kites
Paper Kites, Dutch Kite, Paper Dragon Kite

Sled Kites
Sled Kites, Kite Safety, Trashbag Sled Kite, Mini-Sled Kite, Stapled Sled Kite, Fabric Hornbeam Sled Kite, Bookmark Sled Kite

Bullet Kites
Mini Bullet Kite, Plastic Bullet Kite, Fabric Bullet Kite

Square Kites
Whole Bag Kite, Plastic Fantasmo Kite, Fabric Square Kite and Square Diamond Kite

Eddy Kites
Eddy Kites, Conover Eddy Kite, Traditional Eddy Kite, Lee Toy's Eddy Kite

Delta Kites
Delta Kites, Little Delta Kite, One-Piece Delta Kite, Tony Cyphert's Delta Kite, Joseph Lee Delta Bird Kite, Harper's Ferry Delta Kite, Zephyr Delta Kite

Box Kites
Trashbag Box Kite, Mini Winged Box Kite, Fabric Box Kites, French Military Kite, Winged Military Kite

Corner and Facet Kites
Single-Cell Corner Kite, Two-Cell Corner Kite, Facet Kites--General, Four-sided Facet Kite, Five-sided Facet Kite

Flow Form Kites
Flow Form Kites

Kite Tails, Bags, and Windsocks Tails
Kite Bags, Streamer Windsock, Ribbon Windsock, Fabric Windsock, Parachute

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Kites for Everyone

Kites for Everyone

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