"For the classroom teacher--including the science teacher--Kites For Everyone is a boon . . . the author offers practical suggestions on everything from setting up a workspace and observing safety rules to launching the kites and bringing them in . . . Kites For Everyone is like having a veteran kite maker in the classroom."
--Science and Children

"Greger is known among kite-flyers as a kiter who gives careful instructions for putting together the mechanics but leaves up to individual creativity the design of the skin."
--Art and Activities

"Greger exudes the confidence that comes from 40 years of making kites and helping others make them. And for teachers who are hesitant about combining glue, paper, dowels, string, and 25 third graders,
such confidence is welcome."
--Science and Children

"Greger has reached an audience that numbers in the many thousands . . . in her classroom visits alone . . . the most influential kitemaker you never heard of."
--Tim Devaney, American Kite

"Margaret Greger has an uncanny way of seeking out new, innovative designs and figuring out better ways or easier ways to make them."
--Ken Conrad of Great Winds

"All good teachers know the importance of fundamentals, and it's her appreciation for the basics that lends Greger's work a quiet yet enduring value."
--American Kite

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