M O R E   K I T E S   F O R   E V E R Y O N E

More Kites For Everyone
By Margaret Greger

Instructions and Patterns for 17 wonderful kites by the author of Kites for Everyone. More classroom kites plus several challenging fabric kites along with all the general information necessary for successful kitemaking.

Author: Margaret Greger
Diagrams: Del Greger
Photos: Greg Greger
Book Size:8 1/2" x 11"
Pages: 64 pages
ISBN Number: 0-9613680-1-4

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In the Beginning: Kite History, Classroom Kites, How-To in Classroom, Kite Flying Tips, Kite Terms, Reels, Kitemaking Supplies, Kite Safety

Kites to Make
Horned Allison Sled Kite, Greeting Card Sled Kite, Flying None Kite, One-Piece Delta Kite, Conover Eddy Kites and Trains, 3-Stick Kite, Barn Door Kitek Kite

Heat Bonding Plastic
Plastic Facet Kite, Peter Lynn Kite

Fabric Kites
Hip Pocket Hybrid Kite, One-Piece Delta Kite, Hexahedron Facet Kite, Peter Lynn fabric Kite, Not a Peter Lynn Kite, Fluted Sled Kite, Lynn Lary's Delta-Conyne Kite, Goble Starbox Kite

Sled Kites
Sled Kites, Kite Safety, Trashbag Sled Kite, Mini-Sled Kite, Stapled Sled Kite, Fabric Hornbeam Sled Kite, Bookmark Sled Kite

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More Kites for Everyone

More Kites for Everyone

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